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Headlight Halogen Hats

Hands Free / Put Light "where you need it" Hat.

80,000 candle power Halogen bulb.
Adjustable 3-position angle of light beam.
Hat is five-panel high quality cotton.
Touch the light and it turns on.
Look in the direction where you want the light !

Headlight Hats

$25 each

Shipping Included in continguous 48 US states)

Only 2 colors left

headlite hat
Shipping included


Contiguous 48 states

headlite hat
White and Light Beige


How to Use:
Insert 2 AAA Batteries (not included). To turn on and adjust desired angle, press bottom of the lens.
To turn off, press top of lens. This also returns lens to original position.

Customer Comments

I saw an ad on the Internet about a hat with a light beam and the concept really fascinated me. I’m always walking or running with my dog at night and I have to carry a flashlight. I thought what a novel idea to wear a hat, see in front of me about 40 feet and keep my hands free. I decided to give Head-Lite a try and I bought two in different colors. What a great decision. The hat is fabulous! Now, I just put my hat on, turn on the light beam, my hands are free, out I go and I can see in the dark. Thanks Head-Lite for such a unique product.

Mark O’Brien
Concord, MA

I got a flat tire at night in the middle of nowhere but…no problem. I always have my Head-Lite hat with me. I put on my hat, had plenty of light, my hands were free and I changed the tire. In my house one night the electricity went off but, once again…no problem. I put on my hat, turned on the light beam and had light until the electricity came back on. What a convenient, practical and useful product. I believe that everyone should have at least one ‘Head-Lite’ hat.

John Mahoney
Provo, UT

I am an outdoor person. I like to go camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. A friend of mine told me about Head-Lite. I looked at their website and saw that the product – a baseball style hat with a strong light beam that would enabled me to see at night and keep my hands free – was perfect for me. I bought three different Camouflage models and one Hunter Green cap, which I thought, would cover me for all my activities. I was so right. During the day, I wear the right hat for the day and at night I just turn on the light beam. These hats are the greatest.

Bobby Ray Hayes
Santee, SC