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Order confirmation and receipt are sent to your e-mail moments after the order is placed. Submitting an incorrect e-mail address is the most common reason why a receipt hasn't been received. If you do not receive an e-mail receipt shortly after the order has been placed, e-mail us for status of your order. Once a receipt is received, verify that the information is correct. for error correction, simply reply to the e-mailed receipt with corrections as soon as possible.

We have a 30 day return policy. Please note that Free Shipping, or Shipping Included offers extend to the contiguous 48 states on internet, mail and phone orders. Free Shipping or Shipping Included offers are not available to Hawaii, Alaska, APO/FPO or PO addresses. If you are planning on shipping to these destinations, please contact us prior to placing an order for a shipping quote. Orders placed online to these destinations will not be processed until proper payment is secured by us. On return of items sold with "Free Shipping" or "Shipping Included" or "Shipping no Included", the customer is responsible for the actual original shipping costs to the customer and also the shipping costs to return the item/s purchased. The product must be returned in new condition, packed in original packaging, and complete. In addition to the actual shipping charges a 15% restocking fee will apply to all returns. If after inspection of the returned item, it is determine that the product has been damaged or the return is incomplete we reserve the right to refuse the return completely or charge our actual cost to replace or repair this item for resale as a refurbished product. The customer should take special care and note how product was packaged to assure ease of repacking product. It is the customers responsibility get a tracking # , insure the return, and repackage the product in a way that no damage occurs during the return process. Email us prior to return to receive a return authorization number and return instructions.

Refurbished or Reconditioned Products - What is a Refurbished Quality Item? Customers return products for various reasons. Maybe they just didn't like the product after briefly using it, or maybe changed their mind on the purchase. Many of these products are candidates to be resold as refurbished or reconditioned. Many refurbished or reconditioned products have never been used ... merely repackaged. Refurbished items may show a small amount of wear and tear as a result of shipping damage or brief use - but only products with superficial flaws are resold. All refurbished models have been inspected to ensure that the structural integrity and function of the product remains of the highest quality. If you purchase a refurbished model, you are agreeing to accept the product as-is. The manufacturer’s standard warranty still applies, but not toward cosmetic flaws. All refurbished items are clearly marked. By law, product packaging must state if an item is refurbished or reconditioned. Some items are repackaged in a regular retail box with a sticker indicating refurbished, reconditioned, or factory-serviced, or may come repackaged in a plain brown or white box. Refurbished or reconditioned products maintain high quality standards because of the procedures above. FYI, refurbished or reconditioned goods have a very low 1 % return rate. The price you pay for a refurbished or reconditioned item is substantially lower than retail price. We guarantee refurbished or reconditioned products the same as a new products and are covered by our Standard 30 day Returns Policy. When you see the Refurbished or Reconditioned icon, you know you're in for a great deal on that product !

Order Processing, Cancelled Orders, Shipping Time and Refused Deliveries. We ship our products out of numerous warehouses throughout the USA. We process our orders within one business day and ship the next business day after. If we ship from one of our satellite warehouses, allow one extra day for processing. The day the product is given to the shipping company (UPS, Fedex, Trucking Companies) and weekends are not included in the estimated delivery days shown. During holidays, if you choose "ground" delivery service, allow some extra days for your order to arrive as "ground delivery" are estimates and not guaranteed by us or the shipping company. If the order is cancelled before shipping, a $20 cancellation fee will be assessed to help cover our credit card processing fees, cancelling shipments, and other necessary accounting procedures needed to void the order. For orders that are cancelled where the shipment can not be stopped or for deliveries that are refused by the customer, the customer is responsible for both the ship to cost and the return shipping fees.

Signature Required Delivery. Shipping companies reserves the right to make the decision whether or not they will release a package without a signature. Customers can guarantee delivery by selecting or requesting "delivery with signature required" for a $3 charge at the time of placing the order. (Requests cannot be made after an order is placed). If customer has not paid for this option, the customer has opted for delivered without a signature and the customer becomes responsible for replacing the package if it is lost or stolen.

Canada - International Shipping - and exceptions. Check your shopping cart for a Canadian Surcharge, if none is offered call us for availability of shipment to Canada. We normally do not ship to international locations other than Canada, but an exception can be made if prior arrangements are made with our office and payment is secured by cashier check. For all shipments outside the USA, the customer is responsible to pay any duties and taxes associated with the purchase.

Credit card verification number ( CVN, or CVC, or CVV ) protect you and us against fraudulent charges on credit cards. These are the last 3 digits located on the reverse side of Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards in the signature strip. This verification number, along with your credit card number, expiration date and your cards billing address, makes it very difficult for an unauthorized person to use your card for fraudulent use.

New Product Submission / Marketing & Web Development / Solicitations. We receive requests daily for marketing, web development, and product submission. Phone solicitiatons will not be accepted. For consideration, e-mail or ship us your catalog, brochure, sample product, price list, and contact information to our e-mail or physical address shown below. Product submission can be returned at senders expense. Please be patient as we will make every effort to review your information submitted in a timely manner.